Sharpeners and hand knives

Sharpeners and hand knives


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The development of the Qixx® has produced a device for sharpening and smoothening knife blades. Which functions simply and handily and activates almost any blade reliably and gently. During sharpening, the blade is drawn between two combs made of hard metal.

The sharpening combs are connected only by the force of the magnets fitted in them. The magnets simultaneously collect the swarf produced by the sharpening process. Which prevents it from entering the product being cut through the blade.
As the blade’s geometry does not change during sharpening with the Qixx®, each successive sharpening operation collects less material from the blade. The working time of the blade is extended, the sharpening intervals will be longer, so blade wear is reduced to a minimum.

If, in the course of sharpening, the sharpening combs become disconnected, this means that too much force has been unnecessarily used!
Qixx® sharpeners are of course designed for hygienic use . Cleaning and disinfection comply with the current hygiene guidelines. For applications outside the hygiene requirements, but especially for the sharpening of large cutting tools, we recommend the Qixx® table-top unit with pneumatic drive.